SYO // OWO Series for Flat Roofs

The innovative flat roof systems.

The new OWO and SYO series are more economic, due to reduced and optimized use of material. Because of the easy installation within shortest time the installation costs are also reduced.

Flat Roof Mounting Systems by Sunavi Systems

Since a few years low ballasted flat roof systems became more and more popular. Without any roof penetration the water proofness of the existing roof is ensured – if the right technology is used. Sunavi Systems offers this technology, usable for all existing covers of flat roofs.

Sunavi Systems developed two completely new systems for flat roofs without any roof penetration:
– OWO for east-west oriented module installations
– SYO for south oriented module installations.


For these systems the innovative and patented screw slot reduces the number of necessary parts and allows module fixations with minimum installation work. Togehter with the slip in foot only one screw is needed for the fixation of two modules.

Both systems, OWO and SYO, are shipped together with all necessary parts to do the installation on the roofs.

Sunavi Systems Flat Roof Mounting Systems

SYO // OWO in a Video