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We are constantly working on our products to optimize them even further. Your entire process is important to us, from the initial idea to production and final system construction. Our range is characterized by a manageable but perfectly coordinated product range. We have developed a modular system with system components that have been worked out down to the last detail and for which we have even applied for a patent. Thanks to our lean corporate structure, simplified logistics and our sophisticated modular system, we are not only extremely flexible, but also particularly efficient and economically organized. We also pass this price advantage on directly to our customers.

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Quality is our strength, which is why we make no compromises here. All system components meet the highest quality standards and are developed in Germany. The metal parts made of aluminum and stainless steel offer maximum durability. We give you a 5-year guarantee. Our systems are thoroughly tested by independent structural engineers before production. Together with our partners, we offer you an all-round service: structural calculations, soil investigations, foundation reports, etc. All stability and serviceability verifications are carried out consistently and without compromise in accordance with the latest standards and prepared individually for you by independent structural engineers. Our systems are certified in accordance with EN 1090 and classified in Execution Class II, which also enables installation with increased requirements and on public buildings.

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+ Quality is our strength, which is why we make no compromises here.

+ Our products are almost unbeatable in terms of economy and cost efficiency.

+ Ease of installation is at the heart of the development of our products.

+ With many years of experience in the field of assembly systems, we are the competent partner at your side.

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