Pitched Roofs

Trapeze light

Ideally suited for transverse mounting of PV modules

  • Quick-mounting rail with two holes for convenient direct mounting on trapezoidal sheet metal, with pre-mounted EPDM for secure sealing between rail and trapezoidal sheet metal
  • Suitable for transverse mounting
  • Quick installation and pre-assembled components
  • Higher yields due to improved rear ventilation of the modules
  • Stress-free installation of the modules

Technical Data

Area of application Pitched roofs with trapezoidal sheet metal or sandwich panels Roof pitch: 5 -60°
Roof connection / fastening type Thin sheet screw 6 × 25 mm, A2 bimetal
Building authority approval: Z-14.1-4 RP-T2-6,0
Module alignment Horizontal
Dimensions L × W × H (mm): 180 × 26 × 35
Material Aluminium EN AW 6063 T66, EPDM
End and center clips Height-adjustable and completely pre-assembled; clamping range 28-35 mm are clicked directly onto the mounting rail;
Adjust the middle and end clamps to the module frame height by turning the cylinder head screw (TX 40) and then fix in place;
Tightening torque 8-10 Nm
Prerequisites Sheet thicknesses: ≥ 0.5 mm steel or 0.7 mm aluminum
Sandwich panels: Approval of the manufacturer required
Bead width: At least 20 mm
Flat support around the drill hole: Ø ≥ 20 mm
Frame height of modules: 28-35 mm
The clamping ranges of the modules must be checked before installation and compared with the bead spacing
The module manufacturer’s specifications must be observed and the maximum load-bearing capacity of the sheet metal must be checked

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