Flat Roofs

OWO / OWO-SYO System 10°

Patented system: Can be used east/west and north/south
    Static calculations according to standard parts (ETA-21-0306)

  • Our patented all-rounder for your flat roof – suitable for all roof coverings
  • With just a few identical components, it is possible to implement the systems in both east-west and south orientation; this simplifies the project planning of the flat roof system and reduces your storage costs
  • Low ballasting thanks to optimized aerodynamics with wind tunnel expertise
  • Continuous ground rail

Technical Data

Area of application Flat roofs up to 3° with foil or bitumen covering, on concrete, gravel or green roofs
Roof connection/fastening type Ballasted, no roof penetration with pitch ≤ 3°/ With fixed connection, lock base ≥ 5°
Technical separation Floor rail: max. 10 m
Module row: 10 m
Tilt angle 10°
Minimum distance to the edge of the roof 600 mm
Statics Static calculation based on the recognized rules of technology.
The stability verification for the assembly systems is carried out on the basis of the Eurocode in conjunction with the European Technical Assessment (ETA-21-0306).The load assumptions comply with DIN EN 1991-1 and the regulations of the national annex.The verification of the roof covering and the building is not included. Notes in theverification must be observed.
Material System components: Aluminum EN AW 6063 T66
Connecting parts: Stainless steel A2-70
Building protection mat: Rubber granulate, with aluminum lamination
Drill screw: A2 bimetal
Windbreak: Steel with zinc-magnesium coating ZM310 / small parts stainless steel A2-70
Prerequisites Permissible module dimensions:
L × W × H (1630-2390) × (950-1170) × (30-50) mm

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