Pitched Roofs

HOOK Plain Tile

The roof hook for roofing with plain tiles

  • Roof hook with zinc-magnesium coating, without weld seam
  • Works for all standard Tegalit and plain tile roofs
  • Height compensation up to 25 mm thanks to slotted hole
  • Secure form and force fit due to ribbing on the bracket

Technical Data

Area of application Pitched Roofs
Roof connection Place a roof hook on each rafter. Fasten with two wood screws 8 × 100 mm or 8 × 120 mm, A2 stainless steel. The aluminum sheet metal tile must be screwed to the roof batten with two 4Pan Head 4.0 × 25 mm, A2 stainless steel wood screws. Any gaps between the sheet metal tile and the tiles above must be professionally sealed. We recommend the VKP Basic sealing tape for this purpose. Adjust the middle and end clamps to the module frame height by turning the cylinder head screw (TX 40) and then fix in place.
Tightening torque 15 Nm
Roof covering Plain Tile
Module alignment Vertical, horizontal
Wind/snow load zone 2/2a (Germany)
Support rails Profile S Plus length: 355 cm and 470 cm
Profile S Plus double Length: 355 cm and 470 cm
Dimensions Hook plain tile L × W × H (mm): 310 × 75 × 190; thickness: 4 mm
Hook plain tile aluminum tile L × W (mm): 360 × 180; Thickness: 0.8 mm
Material Steel with zinc-magnesium coating S350GD + ZM310
Weight 1,20 kg

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