Pitched Roofs

Solar fastener (adapter bracket)

For fastening rails with hanger bolts or solar fasteners

  • Universal mount for SUNAVI S Plus 52 and S Plus double 50 rails
  • Height differences of up to 20 mm can be compensated for by the elongated hole in the adapter bracket
  • Reliable form and force fit with the mounting rail thanks to ribbing on the bracket

Technical Data

Field of application 0° to 60° roof pitch
Roof covering Fiber cement, corrugated sheet metal, bitumen
Connection Hanger bolts, solar fasteners; Z-14.4-555
Material Load-bearing components made of aluminum EN AW 6063 T66
Module alignment Horizontal and vertical
Module dimensions Any length and width Max. Module field size: 12 meters in rail direction
Max. Building height 20 meters (higher on request)
Roof condition The static load-bearing capacity of the roof structure and the building support structure must be ensured on site

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