OWO System

The innovative flat roof system.

  • Lean and innovative design maximizes the use of the available surface: up ti 82% use of the roof space is possible
  • Easy and extremely fast to install: Only 5 components are needed, less than 15 minutes installation time for 1 kWp
  • Optimized load spreading of the modu- les: no part of the roof must withstand a high point load.
  • Optimized aerodynamic: in many situ- ations no additional ballast is needed. This reduces the overall loads that the roof is required to support.

The new OWO system provides the per- fect solution for maximum power output, by optimizing the use of the available space on your flat roof. Using the inno- vative pylon technology together with the appending fixing clamp it is possible to install two modules with just one screw. Thanks to our screw slot no slot nut is needed anymore. By using this technolo- gy the necessary time for installation and the use of material is vastly reduced. Based on wind tunnel analysis we opti- mized the geometry and aerodynamic

of the OWO system, therefore it has an intelligent air stream and is stressed by reduced wind loads. This means in many situations additional ballast can be avo- ided or at least reduced.

Technical Data

Roofing Foil and bitumen roof sheeting

System components:

Flat rail, head, base and hole top: Aluminium EN AW 6063 T66

Connecting elements:

stainless steel A2-70

Roof connection:

no roof penetration

Module orientation:

Flexible double-sided with any orientation possible 10°


Framed, framed height 35, 40 and 42 mm, further frame height on


Module dimension:

Module prepare 980-1003 mm

Minimum arrangement:

minimum 2 rows per 6 Module


1,5 kg/m2 (without modules)

Static principles:

Calculation principles in accordance with Eurocode 9 – Dimensioning and construction of aluminium structures. Using wind tunnel examination

Grundlagen Statik Berechnungsgrundlagen gemäß Eurocode 9 – Bemessung und Konstruktion von Aluminiumtragwerken unter  Lastannahme nach DIN 1055 Teil 4 § 5
Warranty: 10 years, the exact conditions in the warranty provisions of SUNAVI-Systems GmbH

System components

OWO Komponenten

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