Pitched Roofs

HOOK Tegalit

Our roof hook for flat concrete roof tiles (Tegalit).

  • Tegalit stainless steel roof hooks without weld seam
  • Welded-on nut (M8) for installation in a single layer or cross-connection
  • Cross connector enables horizontal or vertical installation
  • Can be used on all standard Tegalit roofs

Technical Data

Application area Pitched Roofs
Roof connection For fastening profile rails on tiled roofs with flat concrete roof tiles that meet the requirements of BS EN 490. Installation resting on tiles without tile recess.
Welded M8 nut. The roof hooks are suitable for 24 mm battens.
Roof covering Concrete roof tiles (Tegalit), smooth tiles
Module orientation Vertical, horizontal
Support rails Profile S Plus    length: 355 cm and 470 cm
Profile S Plus double   length: 355 cm and 470 cm
Dimensions Length = 248 mm
Width = 150 mm
Height = 100 mm
Thickness = 2 mm
Material Stainless steel A2, 1.4301, Weight: 950 grams

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