Pitched Roofs


The triple height-adjustable aluminum roof hook (Pat. Pend)

  • For all common tile types
  • Lateral adjustment in the roof batten area
  • Height-adjustable in the rail area up to 20 mm
  • The continuous channel of the bracket plate enables optimum horizontal positioning in three stages (37.5 mm; 46.5 mm; 55.5 mm)
  • Can be combined with SUNAVI profiles Profile S Plus and Profile S Plus double
  • The bracket and the middle and end clamps are fixed in a standardized way using cylinder head screws, TX 40

Technical Data

Area of application Pitched roofs, 0° to 60° roof pitch
Roof connection Place a roof hook on each rafter. We recommend three 8 × 100 mm or 8 × 120 mm stainless steel A2 wood screws to fasten the roof hooks to the rafters. Please observe the edge and center distances according to the building inspectorate approval. Adjust the middle and end clamps to the module frame height by turning the cylinder head screw (TX 40) and then fix in place. Tightening torque 15 Nm.
Roof covering Pantiles
Module alignment Vertical, horizontal
Wind/snow load zone 2/2a (Germany)
Rafter spacing 80 cm, can also be used on narrow rafters
Support rails Profile S Plus length: 355 cm and 470 cm
Profile S Plus double Length: 355 cm and 470 cm
Dimensions Base plate length: 10 cm
Foot hole diameter: 0.85 cm
Support bracket: 3.5 cm
Oblong hole corrugation: 3 × 1 cm
Material Aluminum EN AW 6063 T66; disc-head wood building screws with cutting notch: stainless steel

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