Flat Roofs

SYO green roof / gravel roof

Our solution for green and gravel roofs with variable pitch angles

  • Inclination angle can be determined as required
  • Faster assembly due to few components
  • Plants receive sufficient light and water
  • Higher module performance due to lower ambient temperature on green roofs

Technical Data

Area of application Flat roofs up to 3° with foil or bitumen covering, on concrete, gravel or green roofs
Roof connection/fastening type Ballasted, no roof penetration with 3° pitch
Technical separation Floor rail: max. 10 m
Module row: 10 m
Wind/snow load zone 2/2a (Germany)
Material System components: Steel with zinc-magnesium coating ZM310
Connecting parts: Stainless steel A2-70
Building protection mat: Rubber granulate, with aluminum lamination
Drill screw: A2 bimetal
Windbreak: Steel with zinc-magnesium coating ZM 310 / small parts stainless steel A2-70
Prerequisites Permissible module dimensions: L x W x H: (1630-2080) x (985-1135) x (30-50) mm.

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