AERO 2 System

The expert for open terrain.

  • Few components (only 5 components and only 5 easy accessible screws per frame) and reduced tool selection
  • Significant cost savings due to simple and functional design combined with highly efficient use of materials through optimal structural design
  • Structural security: Guaranteed, individual structural design. Based on current EN standards
  • The ram posts avoid soil sealing and offer complete deconstruction and recyclability

The AREO 1 +2 mounting systems were developed especially for a quick and particularly safe installation of Photovoltaic modules in horizontal and vertical orientation. Both efficiency and security were of particular importance to the design of the construction.

Our highly specialized partners from engineering firms and Universities help us with Structural design, materials testing and geological questions.

All systems are individually approved by registered structural engineers with structural calculations based on current European design guidelines.

Technical Data

Field of application Ground mounted
Type of soil Almost all soil classes
PV modules Suitable for all standard module types
Module orientation AERO 1: 2 x vertical, 3 x horizontal

AERO 2: 4 x horizontal

Attack angle 15° till 30°
Distance module

edge of ground

0,6 m till 1,3 m
Distance rack AERO 1: 1,8 m till 3,0 m

AERO 2: 1,8 m till 3,5 m

System components U-profile as beam, mounting rail: Aluminum (EN AW-6063 T66) :

mid and end clamps: Aluminum (EN AW-6063 T66),

C-/ U-Profile, Head and L-Profile: Hot-dip galvanized steel

Connecting elements Stainless steel A2-70, hot-dip galvanized steel
Static principles load assumption: DIN EN 1991

Design and construction of Steel structures: DIN EN 1993 Dimensioning and design of aluminum frames: DIN EN 1993 Individual system structural analysis based on local snow and wind loads

Individual static site based on the soil expertise

Vibration analysis under wind blast (optional)

Earthquake analysis (optional)

System components

AERO Komponenten


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